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2019 Hot portable 40 KHZ rf cavitation weight loss slimming machine tm-666

  • Guangdong, China

  • TM-666

  • Vacuum Cavitation System, RF,40k. cavitation

  • tingmay

  • CE, CE

  • Weight Loss

  • Supersonic

  • Max 60J/cm3

  • 35KHz-45KHz

  • face tightening& body slimming

  • 110v/230v

  • 50w

  • 1-10MHz

  • 41*33*20cm

2019 Hot portable 40 KHZ rf cavitation weight loss slimming machine tm-666

1. Factory manufature
2. CE certificate
3. Lymphoma Detox


1. dissolved fat,

2. Lymphoma Detox,

3. tight to skin,

4. enhanced skin elastic


1, no surgery and anesthesia can complete process.

2, won't cause uneven phenomenon.

3, won't appear haemorrhage and swollen stasis phenomenon.

4, no side effect significantly, won't rebound,.

5, and no hurt, do not affect the normal work and life.

Technical parameters:

1.RF frequency: 1-10MHz

2.RF energy density: Max 60J/cm3

3. focused blast frequency FAT: 35KHz-45KHz

4. power: 50W

5. power supply: AC230V ± 10%,50Hz ± 1Hz/AC110V ± 10%,60Hz ± 1Hz

6. weight: 8kg

14. CTN dimension: 42*38*24CM


1, skin wounds, avoid the wound or not.

2, epileptics are banned.

3, in patients with heart disease (such as irregular heartbeat), especially with cardiac pacemakers are banned.

4, ban for cancer patients

5, banned in patients with infectious diseases.

6, pregnant women do ban.

7, major surgery, diabetes patients forbidden to do.

8, any metal in the body is cut off.

9, when doing so be sure to handle perpendicular to the skin is 90 degrees, so that guests do not

Suitable feeling.

10. vertical contact probe before you begin on your skin, and then open the host switch, the operation mode of energy regulation to a minimum and skin tolerance to gradual increase of energy according to the guests.


RF handle for body

RF handle for face

40KHz cavitation head


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