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2019 New Hot Cheap Portable ultrasonic facial skin scrubber machine home use

  • Other

  • Blood Vessels Removal, Dark Circles, Deep Cleansing, Nourishing, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Revitalizer, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover

  • Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-096, TM-096

  • For Home Use

  • 2.4Mhz

  • provide

  • 3W

  • DHL/ FredEx/ EMS

  • DC7V/0.8A

  • 3-7 days

  • ABS + Stainless steel

  • removal dead skin/ refresh skin

Portable ultrasonic skin scrubber machine home use

Skin scrubber

1.ultrasonic for deep cleansing

2.vibration with ion care function

3.Peeling to Improve nutrient absorbtion

Ultrasonic skin scrubber peeling:

1. Clean the skin and expel the dirt in the depth of skin quickly

2. Soften cuticle effectively to make skin clean and comfortable ;

3. Effectively introduce the nutrition of the cosq metics into the depth of the skin to

resume luster and make you feel vigorous.

4. Speed up metabolism, increase the skin flexibility and slow down the aging of skin

and wrinkles.


-Sonic skin cleaner Wrinkle Removal
-Cuticle Removal Deeply Clean Skin
-Blain Removal Skin Whitening
-Remove the acne without pain: Cream the acne in the wool pore with water in a

moment by supersonic vibration, and discharge in a moment.
-Clean the smallpox: Supersonic vibration atomize the pure water, cream and discharge

dirt, cosmetics tec. It can be improve the smallpox and skin problem in a short time.
-Remove wrinkle: Sonic function can keep warm of the skin cell to remove wrinkle
-Remove melanin of the skin: Control Tyrosinase, decompose the melanin with the voltage,

the melanin will be conducted out of skin cell.
-Clean cuticle: With the help of water, supersonic vibration can cream the cuticle and the clean in a moment.

Some steps for the ultrasonic skin scrubber machine:

Photos for the Scrubber:


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