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5 Questions About Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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Pitfall 1: After using an Hifu Ultrasound Machine   to tighten the skin, the expression will become extremely rigid

We need to answer you loudly and sincerely on this point. will not!

Ultrasonic scalpel is different from injection and other micro plastic surgery projects. It is more like traditional skin lift. It lifts and tightens the SMAS layer in the original state of the skin. The operating physician designs a suitable treatment plan according to the characteristics of each person’s facial contours. The treatment is precise and does not damage other surrounding tissues, and does not affect the movement of expression muscles.

May I ask whether the skin on your own face usually looks unnatural?

Pitfall 2: Hifu Ultrasound Machine   has many bad side effects

A beautiful thing will always arouse people's discussion. However, according to international authoritative data, the use of ultrasonic energy has a good record. It has been used in medical imaging technology for more than 50 years. In addition, Hifu Ultrasound Machine   treatment has been approved by the FDA after clinical safety studies, and it has been implemented all over the world. Thousands of treatments have never shown side effects.

Pitfall 3: Ultrasound scalpel is the same as surgical operation, it is traumatic to the skin

Compared with traditional surgical procedures, the current aesthetic medicine has developed in the direction of smaller wounds and less bleeding, and the Hifu Ultrasound Machine   is the representative of non-invasive treatment.

Ultrasonic scalpel uses focused ultrasound, which does not need to heat the skin at all and will not cause damage to the skin. How can this treatment be the same as surgery?

In addition, the temperature of each single energy point (TCP) of the ultrasonic knife can reach 68 degrees to 72 degrees under the skin, which is the strongest temperature of all non-invasive skin tightening instruments at present. The energy passes through the epidermis without worrying about epidermal injury.

Pitfall 4: All ultrasonic scalpel instruments look the same

In fact, there are many versions of ultrasonic scalpel, and the most official version with the best curative effect is the Ulthera ultrasonic scalpel.

It was listed in Europe and Asia in 2008, and obtained professional certifications such as US FDA and EU CE in 2009.

It is also one of the few anti-aging projects in the world that has passed the US FDA "Lifting lifting" effect certification.

Pitfall 5: The effect of an Hifu Ultrasound Machine   with a price of only 1800 is also amazing

If you accidentally believe that the effect of the 1800 ultrasonic scalpel is equally amazing, it will indeed completely shock you after doing it.

If you are lucky, there may be no changes in your skin. If you are unlucky, your skin may suffer serious damage.

Everyone has the love of beauty. Every day I look at myself in the mirror with fair skin and beauty, and my mood rises accordingly. As I get older, I hope I can return to the original point.

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