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5 in 1 multifunctional hydro dermabrasion facial beauty machine with BIO current RF lifting oxygen jet peel cold hammer

  • Other
  • Pore Remover, Face Lift, Deep Cleansing, Skin Tightening, Lightening, Whitening, Skin Revitalizer, Acne Treatment, Nourishing, Moisturizer, Detox, deep cleansing, remove blackheads, skin rejuvenation
  • Ultrasonic
  • Guangzhou, China
  • Tingmay
  • TM-SQ5.0
  • For Commercial & Home Use
  • CE, ISO
  • One year
  • 110V-240V
  • TM-SQ5.0
  • Ultrasonic head
  • RF face lifting head
  • Cooling head
  • Oxygen spray head
  • BIO Microcurrent head

5 in 1 multifunctional hydro dermabrasion facial beauty machine

Product Description

The world's first style by using micro-nano bubble small energy device patented technology ,using the collision theory of 299,000 times per second high-frequency wave oscillation elements , produce water molecules burst into a high-oxygen water molecule, then cut by the ultra-high frequency wave , nano water molecules, producing negative ions, ultrasound, and nano-high water molecules containing oxygen. Rapidly penetrate the skin pores, remove old horny body, deep cleansing, skin and increases oxygen in the blood,and promote body &blood circulation, activate cell repair, delay skin aging function, pulling compact, wrinkle and other effects .


1. acne, seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis, mites clear, clear skin allergens;
2. skin whitening, improve skin dull, yellowish, improve skin texture;
3. Deep clean the skin, while giving the skin moisturizing, nourishing;
4. julep, improve loose skin, tighten pores, increase skin
5. The preoperative and postoperative care for ablative skin reconstruction and non-ablative skin reconstruction surgery;
6. shaping firming skin, shrink pores, improve double chin.


1) automatic instrument cleaning and disinfection system.
2) in two eddy current probes, probe large, small probe.
3) Simple user 5.7 inches LCD screen.
4) A total of five levels of adjustable vacuum.
5) a total of three levels of adjustable solution flow rate.
6) can be equipped with a variety of unique advanced solution


micro bubbles are formed by a vacuum circuit vacuum, fully integrated with nutrient solution , and then through a specially designed small spiral shampoo directly on the skin, and can maintain it prolonged contact with the skin, promote exfoliation, it combined with adsorption to deep cleansing, eliminate aging skin cells, eliminate the sebum, follicle completely remove all impurities funnel portion, mites and grease residue in the security of state without paining , while the hair follicle full of nutrients, and provide long-lasting nutrition for the skin, the skin moist and delicate and shiny.


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