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Breast firming breast enlargement pump machine

  • Breast Massager
  • Guangdong, China
  • T&M
  • TM-505
  • breast enlargement
  • 110V-240V
  • 50Hz/60Hz
  • 50W
  • vacuum pump suction breast
  • breast firming;breast enlargement
  • 10kg

Breast firming breast enlargement pump machine
1.Tingmay factory
2.CE approval
3.Breast enhancement pump
4.Multifunction breast care


Type: breast enhancement Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: Tingmay
Model Number: TM-505 product name: breast firming breast enlargement machine Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 50W voltage: AC110-240V color: white and blue
certification: CE,PSE,ISO9001 warranty period: 1 year working head: 6pcs building cup
function: breast enlargement/massage occasion: home or salon


1.Breast enlarge

2.Breast skin rejuvenation

3.Skin scraping

This breast cup is different from other breast cup, it is with quantum photon

which have the function of skin rejuvenation

Working Principle :

The specially-designed vacuum pump can enlarge quickly the size and shape of the breasts with no injury or health risk from surgeries. It is different from a push-up, filled bra or implantation of silica gel. It builds beautiful and natural breasts for you by use of period.


1. By ehythmed absorption of fatty grain into the breast, the vacuum pump canrecoganize it, decompose, enlarge and fix the shape.

2. In the first half of physical period: the hormone in the body rises naturally, hyperplasia arises in galactophore tissue and gelatine substance, which need a large amount of fatty substance. Vacuum pump can increase the amount of blood circulation in local areas and absord fatty grains and inherent liquid to maintain plump and erect breasts.

3.In the second half of the physical period: the hormone in the body falls, the galactophore tissue begins to recover and decrease its size. the breasts will become smaller and softer. At this time, the vacuum pump can attach to the breast deep fatty and inherent liquid in the breast to keep plump and erect breasts.

4.By periodical good circulation, the fatty tissue in the absorb more nutrition, dredge blood circulation and lymph circulation system, and increase nutrition to make breasts big and erect.

5.Breat-plumping cream is rich in plant essence, natural factor. since the smallmolecules have a highly-effective penetration ability, based on the principle of highly-effective penetration and absorption, the hormone secretion system canbe modulated to stimulate the development of galactophore tissue, provide enough nutrition and promote the accumulation of fat in the breast to expand galactophore and achieve plump and erect breasts.

Packing List

Name of the assembly Number of the assembly
Main machine 1 unit
Breast-building cup(large) 1 pair
Breast-building cup (medium) 1 pair
Breast-building cup (small) 1 pair
Lymjph cup (large) 1 pair
Lymph cup (medium) 1 pair
Lymph cup (small) 1 pair
Transparent glue pipe 1pc
Transparent trifurcate pipes 1 pc
Instruction 1 set

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