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Cool electroporation mesotherapy beauty salon equipment

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-680A

  • Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

  • CE

  • electroporation mesotherapy

  • white

  • 110-240V

  • 50Hz/60Hz

  • 25W

  • <=12V

  • face lifting,facial beauty

Cool electroporation mesotherapy beauty salon equipment
2.1 yar warranty
3.Face lift,facial beauty machine

Operating principle:

No needle liquid beauty plastic therapy can be replace needle beauty, with water
electrophoresis plastic therapy, same technology and comprehensive in the active
ingredient or nutrients needed directly transported to skin tissues, quickly absorbed by skin
tissue from the surfaces, remarkable curative effect. Compared with the pure beauty
products, no needle beauty of effective absorption rate plastic therapy greatly increased.
Fundamental will solve all the skin younger short-term inside can become reality, great
shorten the duration.

Electricity perforation: direct role in the skin, the instant enhance permeability of the skin
tissue. In shock, under the action of lipid layer of cells forming shock holes. In shock at the
same time, make pore forming previously cannot be cells to absorb the hydrophilic
molecules to penetrate and get inside cells. Use electrophoresis energy osmosis
technology open cell membrane water channels, osmosis membrane, through the hair
follicle, the sweat gland and corneous layer, in order to promote circulation.

Electricity penetration: Main role in scattered material molecular, to help its smooth
penetrate into skin and internal, of the same character, for example, charge mutually
exclusive molecular Shijiazhuang current positive nutrition molecule, push the skin tissues,
At this time, neutral molecules through and into the skin is a interior. Under the effect of
cell membrane in electrophoresis temporarily appear micro porous physical process, the
result is cells increased significantly, internal and external molecular exchange of cells to
absorb all kinds of drugs, genetic material, proteins and other molecules, such as electric
cancel micro porous close without any impact of cells.

Technical Parameter:
Voltage: 100-240v
Working voltage :< =12v
Currency :< =2.08a
Power: 25w
Bipolar Radio Frequency: 100-500 kHz
Ultrasonic Rang: 0.3-0.5MHz
BIO Output: 20-60HZ
Package: 47.5*43.5*36cm

Project guide
Whitening and anti-wrinkle
Ascension, tightening
Sculpture facial contour
Convergence chin
Remove neck tattoo
Contractive pore, calm, allergy
Improve eye problem (eye end lines, pouch, and black rim of the eye)

1. Stimulate the formation of blood vessels, leather, blood circulation to help take sugar
and fat, protein metabolism wastes2. Whitening and anti-wrinkle
3. Take away the molecular structure of cells, skin completely open
Completely open power operation in the skin surface infiltration head with a method of
grain is slightly along the skin and smooth movement of extrusion.
4. Clean the skin, daub hydrating moist products,
5. Ice therapy effect on skin, lock moisture and nutrients

Operating steps
1)Accessories connections: according to the apparatus map will accessories and
instrument connection (ensure connection correct).
2)Power connect: will the power cord and instruments of power supply socket connection
behind, will red power switch, the panel suggested that the instrument digital window into
the working status.
3)According to the above for standby start/pause button, time display window, instrument
began flashing in decimal work, the default time for 30 minutes (time can freely adjust).
4)Then refer to panel free adjustment of the corresponding key schematic.

Working hands:

1. Essence electric osmosis
2. cool firming handle
3. RF for face lifting
4. eyes shaping hand
5. sensor bar(when you essence electric osmosis and eyes shaping hand,you must hold
this head)

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