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Fat Freeze Criolipolisis Vacuum Machine Wholesaler

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  Fat Freeze Criolipolisis Vacuum Machine Wholesaler


 Matters need attention

1.When receive the machine , it must add the full water .

2.When treating Cryolipolysis , the best temperature recommendation : -8℃ - -10℃ .

3.The handle cannot treat above neck,navel and bone .

4.During treating ,please attention and ask the customer's feeling . If patient feels too cold or uncomfortable,please button"emergency switch" to stop the machine .

5.After the treatment, maybe skin injury, minor frostbite, or redness, pay attention to take good care of it.

Advantages of fat freezing treatment:

  • More powerful than Liposuction.

  • Liposuction is painful surgical treatment that involves a long and uncomfortable recovery time.

  • Fat Freezing reduces fat without any surgery and does not present with any downtime.

  • Non-invasive and no side effects.

  • It does not involve surgery, injections or painkillers.

  • No downtime and painless.

  • There is no downtime and can be done within an hour.

  • Treatment is painliess and does not affect your activities before or after the treatment.

Safety Tips While Using  Fat Freeze Criolipolisis Vacuum Machine Wholesaler

Use the device in recommended areas only.

Make sure you do not have any underlying health condition that is not suitable for using the device.

Read the instructions carefully before operating the device.

Do not forget to apply the glycerin sheet between the skin and the device to protect your skin from cold burns.

Use the device only for 30 minutes or 60 minutes as recommended by the manufacturer, on one area per session.

Don’t let the price of cryolipolysis machine be the only factor

The cost of coolsculpting machine is one of the most frequently asked questions but price is not the only factor you need to consider. Do not compromise on quality of machine when trying to pinch pennies. High quality components with best inner structure design,to reach a high level performance. Get a realistic cost estimate before buying cryolipolysis machine. Discuss with the supplier the configuraitons of machine you will likely need.











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