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Hair growth high frequency /wrinkle removal galvanic facial lifting machine

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  • Acne Treatment, Anti-Hair Removal, Hair Removal, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Revitalizer, Skin Tightening, Tattoo Removal, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover
  • Galvanic and high frequency
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  • TM-366
  • growth hair high frequency
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  • 1 year and lifetime technical support
  • electric hair follicle stimulator
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high frequency galvanic facial machine
1,high frequency /galvanic
2,human growth hair/facial skin liting/wrinkle remover

Hair growth high frequency /wrinkle removal galvanic facial lifting machine

*high frequency,galvanic
*CE Approved


1)High frequency

The principle of high-frequency electrotherapy is to create micro-electricity, thermal effect

and UV light when high-frequency current flows through the tube in which there are noble gas.

It helps to promote absorption, to sterilize skin surface, to resist inflammatory and accelerate

wound healing.

2) Galvanic

There is a kind of protective layer inside the skin to avoid damage from outside, but this layer also counteracts nutrient absorption. By producing positive and negative ions, this machine

will make an electric electromagnetic field which can penetrate the layer and take dirt out

from or bring nutrients into the in-deep skin, thus this machine can achieve the purpose of

deep cleaning and maintenance.

Main Application

1. remove dead skin surface, scars and so on

2. stimulate cell growth
3. spot removal

4. promote absorption of nutrients

5. open/close pores
6. sterilize skin effectively

Products show:


1.prevent lose hair,stimulate the growth of hair.

2.ease the pain and convulsion of the muscle.

3.remole the wrinkle ,shrinke the pore,

4.ease the vein gore of varicosity,

5.remove the papilla and acne.

6.reduce the skin laxity,increase the skin elasticity,

7.improve the local blood circulation and enhance.

8.diminish inflammatiom and sterilization,make the wound close up quickly.


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