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Home Use Portable Microdermabrasion machine Dermabrasion peel equipment

  • Microdermabrasion Machine, Diamond dermabrasion

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-N3

  • Exfoliators, Skin Revitalizer, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Correctors

  • Facial beauty,rejuvenate skin,exfoliator

  • 110-220V; 50/60HZ

  • 9 diamond tips

  • carton case

  • Microdermabrasion

  • <=120W

  • 5KG

  • 350*350*280mm

  • 14L/min

Product Description


  1. 1.Conditioning skin and rebuild healthy skin;
  2. 2.to improve the accumulation of aging skin, rough and aging skin;
  3. 3.To improve the skin appearance of fine lines and relaxation;
  4. 4.Dilute the superficial stain;
  5. 5.To improve large pores, pock
  6. 6.To stimulate blood circulation and metabolism of the new array
  7. 7.no irritation, no irritation, do not need anesthesia;
  8. 8.Applicable to all kinds of skin, and also can do sensitive skin
  9. 9.the physical mechanical dermabrasion, we can control, no side effects, safe and reliable
  10. 10.You can see the effect immediately
  11. 11.Rapid recovery, a period of about 5-7 days


A. Diamond dermabrasion works on the derma to make it activate, regenerate.

Microcirculation (Nutrition, waste exchange places)

1. Promote the metabolism

2. Improve the nutrient supply of oxygen

3. The rapid aging of material will removed after metabolic export.

Lymph circulation (Passive drainage)

1. Make the circulation smooth

2. Remove excess moisture and the old waste

3. Increase nutrient supply feature

Stroma ( Dermal tissue supplied by the nutrient and waste exchange)

1. Strengthen the dermis tightness

2 Promote dermal metabolism

3. Increase nutrient supply feature

1) remove the aging dead skin cells, avoid excessive accumulation of skin cells and

keep skin smooth and delicate

2) promote blood and lymph circulation, make moisture and nutrients transmit more

rapidly, make the skin bright and shiny.

3) Moisture repair function: increase cell permeability, enhance product absorption,

improve skin moisture.

4) Promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cells, accelerate skin renewal, make

the skin back to normal, allow a balance of water capacity.

B. The treatment of dull skin and uneven skin color

1) remove old dead skin cells, avoid the accumulation of dead cells and keep skin


2) Improve blood and lymph circulation, promote metabolism, increase the oxygen

content of the skin and keep skin rosy.

3) Increased cell permeability, enhance product absorption, improve moisture of skin

and make skin bright and shiny.

4) Promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cell, accelerate the skin renewal,

showing the new white color

C. The treatment of loose skin and wrinkles

1) Accelerate the clearing of the dust pollutants and free radicates of easy damaged

cells in the skin surface, and enhance the natural defense cells, avoid the degeneration

of collagen fibers.

2) Improve blood and lymphatic circulation, promote metabolism, make dermis obtain

adequate nutritional supplements, make fine lines fade away.

3) Increase skin permeability, so that product will be more effectively into the deep skin.

Promote new collagen fibers, smooth wrinkles.

4) Promote the manufacture of collagen, increase the skin defense capabilities, prevent

damage by free radicals and environment and keep skin firm and elastic

D. The treatment of hyperpigmentation skin

1) Accelerate of the removal of melanin in the epidermal keratinocyles

2) Improve skin microcirculation, promote the metabolism of melanin, make the deep skin

white, restore the melanin

3) Increase skin permeability, enhance product absorption. Effectively inhibit the formation

of melanin and prevent pigmentation on the face

4) Promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cell, increase skin immunity, strengthen the

fight against UV and keep skin clean, white and bright


External voltage: 110/120-220/240V

Internal voltage: <=36V

Electric current: 3.3A

Power: <=120W

Ultrasonic output: 0.03-0.5MHZ

Single pump pressure flows: 14L/min


NW: 3.5KG

Packing specification: 350*350*280mm

Material: ABS plastic

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