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How often can the Hifu ultrasound machine be done

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1. Related to the machine

The Korean version of the Hifu ultrasound machine  is once every three months, the Israeli version of the ultrasonic knife is once a year, the US version of the ultrasonic knife is once a year and a half to two years, and the interval of the ultrasonic knife is 2 years, the ultrasonic knife is done every two years More suitable for the natural growth of the skin. Ultrasonic knife can be done for a long time, but the interval can not be less than two years, because each time after ultrasonic knife is restored from surgery to new cell growth, to stable and continuous renewal after new cell growth, the effect is at least about two years, so Before the new cells are fully grown and renewed, damaging the subcutaneous cells again will bring many harms and side effects.

2. It is related to one's own constitution

Different people have different sustained effects after completing Hifu ultrasound machine , because each person's constitution is different, and the postoperative maintenance method is different, so the natural duration is different. The ultrasonic knife generates a large amount of collagen by stimulating the damaged subdermal layer + SMAS layer , The aging SMAS layer rebounds again, so there must be enough collagen in the dermis before the operation to activate the ultrasonic knife. Imagine a 70-year-old man going to have an ultrasonic knife, no matter how it is done, it will not have the right effect, because There is no collagen under the skin that can deactivate the ultrasonic knife.

According to statistics, more than half of the cases where the ultrasonic blade failed and the effect was not obvious were due to the poor skin condition, lack of elasticity, and shrinkage of the collagen fiber web before the individual made the ultrasonic blade. Many people will focus on the Hifu ultrasound machine  itself, but do not know that doing homework in advance, time cost, postoperative effect, and money cost are more effective.

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