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Laboratory Equipment

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The laboratory equipment is the latest comprehensive analyzer in China. One instrument can satisfy C, S, Mn, P, Si, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, Ti, V, Al in steel and its alloy materials. , W, Nb, Mg, total amount of rare earth, Co and other elements are detected. There are five large channels (and can be set to ten large channels according to customer requirements), and 30 are set in each large channel. A small channel can store 158 working curves. In principle, a set of instruments can detect 158 elements, controlled by brand computer microcomputer, equipped with electronic balance, full Chinese menu operation, desktop printer printing results, detectable materials : Plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, medium alloy steel, high alloy steel, pig iron, gray cast iron, ductile iron, wear-resistant cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc.

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