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Manufacture salon use q switch nd yag diode laser tattoo removal

  • Laser
  • Nd: Yag Laser
  • Yes
  • Portable
  • CE&PSE
  • Guangdong, China
  • Tingmay
  • TM-J108
  • Acne Treatment, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Whitening, birthmark , eyelip
  • tattoo removal
  • 110-220V
  • 800W
  • 450mmx260mmx220mm
  • 160mJ 350mJ 600mJ
  • 8-10ns
  • 1064nm, 532nm
  • Solid-state
  • 1 year
  • Guangzhou,China

Manufacture salon use q switch nd yag diode laser tattoo removal

a. Q-switch nd yag laser

b. Removal all kinds of tattoo ,pigments ,freckles

c. Removal eye line , lip line,scar,ance removal

d. with user manual and clear vedio to show you


1. pigment removal & tattoo removal for all kinds,birth mark removal

2. pigmentation therapy like spots removal,different kinds of hemorrhoid

3. ance therapy like acne removal scar removal

4.skin rejuvenation

5.eyeline removal ,lip line removal

6.birth mark removal, maemorriods remover

Technical Details

Voltage AC110-240V
Power 800W
wavelength 532nm/1064nm
intensity 1-6hz adjustable
temperature 5-30°c
Size 37*35*52 cm


A.1064nm (round mirror) for blue and black colors

B.532nm (square mirror) for red and brown color

Important Notice:
1. Firstly check the circuitry connecting correctly or not before using the machine.
2. Before starting work, fill up the water-tank with distilled water from the Affusion Orifice.
3. Water must be distilled water or ion-wipe-off, not the mineral water or tap water.
4. Before using the machine, infuse the distilled water to the standard line on the water-tank. Prohibit to work without water. Otherwise, if shatter the laser head, the user bear it.
5. Avoid irradiation to eyes directly.
6. Forbid disassembling without manufacture permission.
7. Put the head light on fixture avoid broken after operation.
8. Change cooling water every month. (Long or short the time according to the water purity).
9. Start-up the machine after one minute later for the water circulation completely.
10. Ensure the machine well grounded.

Application Range:
1. Remove the black &blue pigment on eyebrow, eye line and lip line. Scour off tattoo, freckle, lentigines, old aged marks, vascular expansion and type of blood vessel lesions etc.
2. No harm to the follicles and normal skin, leaving no scar, only to lustrate pigment.
3. To lustrate melanin not being eliminated by medicament and other means.
4. Be in no need of anesthesia and quick recovery. No negative influence

Illustration of rear panel:

2. Press the plastic circle at the affusion hole when inserting or pulling out the affusion funnel.
3. Attention: there is a little rubber stuff in the drain hole. Don‘t lose it, or it may leak water!

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