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Mini Tingmay beauty machine high frequency lz-006a

  • Other

  • Detox, Skin Rejuvenation

  • High Frequency

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • LZ-006A

  • wholesale mini high frequency beauty equipment

  • high frequency beauty equipment

  • AC110-240V

  • 10W

  • high frequency

  • 2 IN 1

  • High Frequency

  • 1KG

  • standed carton

  • 1 year

Wholesale mini high frequency beauty equipment

1.nutrition lead-in,skin rejuvenation
2.Clear away toxin within body
3.Improve blood circulation

Product Description

General introduction
The high-frequency electrotherapy utilizes the theory that high-frequency electricity flows to produce heat and ultraviolet, thus constrict and expanding peripheral blood vessel of human body, ionizing oxygen in the air to produce ozone, and improving blood circulation with anti-bacterial and anti-phlogistic effect.


1.Promote blood circulation, strengthen lymphatic gland activity,and provide nutriment for epidermis, expulse harmful substances in skin.
2.Produce heat reaction on fibre tissue, enhance cellular transparency, help dissolver penetrate into skin.
3.Expedite fibre tissue metabolism, help skin breathe and secrete waste.
4.With disinfecting and anti-phlogistic effect, help heal wound.

Featuring portable design, environment-friendly material, and the theory of high frequency electrotherapy is to use heat effect and ultraviolet ray produced by vibration of high frequency current to make periphery vessel contract and dilate in turn and ionize oxygen in the air to produce ozone in order to effect improvement of blood circulation, bacteria sterilizing and inflammation diminishing.

Four Glass electrode
Mushroomlike electrode control: It is used for general skin treatment, the light is orange.
Droplike electrode control: It is used to cure the local inflammation skin, the light is violet.
Comblike electrode control: Improve the blood supply of the skin of the blood, prevent lose hair, the light is orange.
Spoonlike electrode control: It is used to the gentle skin treatment, the light is orange.

Technology Parameter
Gross Weight 1.5kg
Net Weight 1kg
Size 28cm*22.5cm*6cm
Voltage 110v-240v
Glass Electrode 4 pieces
Power Less than 15W

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