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New hot 7 in 1 daily face skin care water oxygen bubble wrap machine TM-XQP

  • Other, Micro dermabrasion Machine

  • Pore Remover, Face Lift, Deep Cleansing, Pigment Removal, Whitening, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation

  • Ozone

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-XQP

  • Vacuum water air bubble

  • 110V/220V 50-60Hz

  • face skin reconstruction

  • small bubble machine

  • 250W

  • Nourish face

  • 18kg

  • 12 Months

  • 1 Mhz

New 7 in 1 daily face skin care water oxygen

small air bubble machine TM-XQP

The water oxygen small air bubble machine combining powerful exfoliation,

cleansing,hydrating and skin resurfacing that leave the skin hydrated, looking

brighter, smoother and rejuvenated.Immediately following treatment, the skin

feels smooth and refreshed with increased blood flow to the surface.


1.Deep clean the skin

2.Hydrating and moisturizing ;

3.Pores Shrink ,lock the nutrition,

4.promote the bloood circulation and absorption

5.Removal blackhead ,and suit for many skin problems.

Description of the accessories

Clean skin with the air bubble clear handle,suck skin from middle to both sides,side quickly,do not stay too long .
Bio face lifting ,increase cell permeability.help body absorbtiion of nutrients and water.Oxygenated blood,enchance collagen synthesis level,reduce wrinkles,so that the skin is more soft ,flexible and shiny.
Open the pores, positioning tisue heating,open the pores promote subculaneous collagen contraction,relieve wrinkles ,produce new collogen ,the skin willbe more compact later.
The ultrasond import products deep into subcutaneous tissues promote microcirculation and skin renew.products can be penetrate deep into the skin ,speed up absorption.
Ice repair handle can froze skin ,shrink pores ,the ice energy can penetrate from epidermis to deep skin, instantly promote strong contraction of skin pores ,thus a layer of natural freezing mask is formed in the skin surface to lock nutrition facts.
Oxygen spray gun is used for oxygen facial machines to spray liquid nutrient

Colr LED therapy mask


skin rejuvenation spot removal whitening pale spot, tender skin and antiwrinkle, repair damaged skin, smooth the fine

wrinkles, shrink pores, hyperplasia of collagen.


Deep sterilization, balance oil efficiently destroy the bacteria, minimize acne, inflammation and in a short span of time period to heal acne significantly reduced.


beautiful skin Neutralization, balance and safety purposes, relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema


Supplement cellular energy Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function, assist digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.


Enhanced cellular energy
Penetrate the skin deep, speeds up the living tissue of Chen xin metabolism, decompose splash, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin


Acne removal It is red and blue dual-band light, it is a combination of two kinds of phototherapy effect, especially in the treatment of acne and acne mark has special good effect and repair effect
Laser light (White light) Speed up metabolism Penetrate the skin deep, speeds up the living tissue of Chen xin metabolism, decompose splash, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin

Company show

Guangzhou Tingmay Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading

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