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Portable Multifunctional 4 in 1 beauty instrument high frequency facial machines

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-266

  • Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

  • CE

  • 6.7kg

  • 65W

  • 110V

  • 5-40 degree

  • 45*34*26cm

  • ultrasonic

  • 50-60hZ

  • 1 year

  • T/T, Paypal, Money Gram

  • 3-7 days after we got the payment

Portable Multifunctional 4 in 1 beauty instrument high frequency facial machines


4 in 1 multifunction machine

High frequency

Vacuum for black head removal

Spray for skin lifting

Ultrasonic for facial skin tightening

Product Description

Therapy and Beautification Function

To help treatment product to sip through the skin with the following particular function:

1. Not limited by the quality of the treatment products whether it is ion (+/- molecules),

water-soluble or medication.

2. It is more effective than rubbing treatment products into the skin since it will help skin

absorb the treatment products.

3. Not. Limited by ion (+/- molecules) of the products.

4. Treated areas can stay fine after treatment.

5. Will not cause electricity shock

6. Easy to operate and make treatment products easy adhere to the skin.


1. Soften blood vein and even out red face.

2. Rid pimples and acne (every ten days is served as a course)

3. Rid skin pigmentation. Use with high unit Vitamin C skin products to accelerate

skin rejuvenation process. Expect to see result after 3 treatments with optimum

result after 10-40 treatments.

4. Prevent and rid the formation of wrinkles, soften blood vein and face-lift. Due to the

increase of body metabolism rate, it helps rid the said problem on a day-by-day basis.

Rid eye bags and dark circles. Message the delicate eye areas to rid excess water,

puffiness and dark circles.

5.To soften skin tissue by message. Make it look and behave delicate and soft.

6. Accelerate the process of any skin treatments and achieve optimum results.


1. First clean face (or wounded area) before operation.

2. The medicine cream used should be mucous to be absorbed in better by skins,

at the same to avoid burning the probe.

3. Work time set to 15 minutes and it is enough at the normal conditions.

4. Don’t make the probe to be near eyes or touch eyes to avoid hurt.

5. Don’t make the probe in work but not operate to touch skin, for to do that is

easy to burn the probe for over heat.

Detail of the accessaries

high frequency probe

Ultrasonic probe



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