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Postoperative repair of Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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The temperature of the subcutaneous tissue can be as high as 39 degrees during the operation of the hifu ultrasound machine, which will destroy the dermal layer of the muscle bottom. No matter how much the damage is, the ultrasonic knife has been done. As far as the effect is concerned, the only thing that can be done now is "it's not too late to fix it" and try to repair it. But no matter how good the repair is, it has already been done.

Replenishing collagen after ultrasonic surgery is to "fill pits" for damaged skin. Therefore, it is the best result to restore the skin to its preoperative state. Therefore, preoperative supplementation of Xinjiyin mid-cortex repairing agent that can reach the dermis is the important reason why ultrasonic scalpel occupies 70% of the effect.

It is an unquestionable fact that ultrasonic scalpel damages the skin. It is common to have facial redness, swelling and sunken symptoms within three months after the ultrasonic scalpel. If the best time to repair is missed, it is likely to be permanent. Damage, if the dermis layer is damaged, if it is not repaired in time, no matter how good the skin care products are, the skin will go from bad to worse. The worse the skin, the easier it is to choose the updated micro-beauty items, and the new items cause new damage, the dermis layer New injuries + old injuries are more serious. The non-girl stars in the show business have already demonstrated this process in real people. They are not short of funds and the means of Weimei. They are flawed in the disgusting cycle of "the more complete the uglier, the more ugly, the more complete". In essence, they only know that they are on the way of Weimei. I rush forward, but I don't know that every step is a hole.


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