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Preparation before Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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Preparation before Hifu Ultrasound Machine is 20%

 There are three types of Hifu Ultrasound Machine: American, Korean and domestic. The difference between these three ultrasonic blades is the stability of the beam and the depth of the dermis. Under the same physical condition, the US version of the ultrasonic blade is better than the Korean version and the domestic version of the ultrasonic blade, but in actual operation, it is found that the vast majority of the Korean version of the ultrasonic blade and the domestic ultrasonic blade are far better than the US version of the ultrasonic blade. It is that the collagen content of the individual's cortex and dermis is different. A person with a full and full dermis layer uses a domestic ultrasonic knife, and the effect is far more than the US version of the ultrasonic knife with dry collagen in the body. This is the real effect of the difference between real individuals under non-ideal and theoretical conditions. Therefore, don't blindly superstition the external factors, doctors, ultrasonic knife instruments are important, but in this link, the most important thing is you!


Therefore, in order to give full play to the lifting effect of the Hifu Ultrasound Machine, the correct approach is to improve the nutritional reserve of the subcutaneous dermal layer by taking oral cortical repair agent in Xinjiyin 2 to 3 months before the operation, so that the dermal layer has enough collagen Protein can deactivate the ultrasonic blade, and to a large extent avoid the risk of ultrasonic blade operation.

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