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Regarding the Hifu Ultrasound Machine, these 5 questions must be known!

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Women who cross the 30-year-old age limit, because of frequent facial activities and natural skin aging all the year round, the sagging of facial skin becomes more serious, and celebrities are no exception.

The stars with good looks on TV usually take care of them, and they will have unstoppable wrinkles. What's more, we who don't pay much attention to maintenance?

Every time I see myself in the mirror, do everyone cry in their hearts, I want to go back beautiful! At this time, everyone may think of the age-defying artifact of the Hifu Ultrasound Machine .

however! There are also ten traps in the Hifu Ultrasound Machine! do you know?

Do you think that by doing a so-called "ultrasonic knife" at will, wrinkles will disappear and restore to the original state?

No, it's not that simple!

Pitfall 1: Hifu Ultrasound Machine is suitable for all people with aging skin and wrinkles

In fact, there is no medical cosmetology technology that is suitable for everyone, and the Hifu Ultrasound Machine  is the same. The following types of people are not suitable for ultrasonic knife: If you are over 70 and your skin is severely loose, I think the ultrasonic knife is no longer suits you! They need to reshape the bone support structure more.

In addition, some people are not suitable: pregnant women, patients with severe heart disease and diabetes are not suitable for medical treatment to find beauty.

Trap 2: Hifu Ultrasound Machineis an invincible artifact to reverse the skin condition

Although the lifting effect of the ultrasonic scalpel can be immediate, and continue to regenerate, the long-term effect is maintained, which is about 3-5 years on average.

However, the process of human aging is irreversible. With age and personal daily maintenance, it will affect the time and effect of later maintenance.

No equipment or product can achieve a single treatment effect to maintain permanent, but in contrast, the treatment effect of ultrasonic scalpel is undoubtedly the longest lasting and most worthy method in the world so far.

Trap 3: Hifu Ultrasound Machine treatment is good, immediate results, the effect can be seen in the next second

Dear you, if you can see that there are no wrinkles in one second after the Hifu Ultrasound Machine is done one second before, then it is not a medical beauty technology method, but a magical medicine of the great old man! !

In fact, the thermal effect of the Hifu Ultrasound Machine can bring a double effect to the skin. The first is the immediate contraction of skin collagen and SMAS, so the skin condition can be seen to improve immediately after treatment.

But the most important second effect is the long-term regeneration and reorganization of collagen after the tissue is heated. This will vary according to personal physique and response time. Most people have the best effect 3 to 6 months after treatment. obvious.

Pitfall 4: Ultrasonic scalpel is particularly painful and unbearable for ordinary people

Ultrasonic scalpel does make people feel discomfort, but the perception of pain varies from person to person.

Therefore, as long as it is under the good control of the doctor, any method of anesthesia can be used, including topical anesthetic EMLA and local anesthetic injection. Most people say that the pain after the Hifu Ultrasound Machine  is very weak.

Pitfall 5: The Hifu Ultrasound Machine  is a "knife" that cuts and cuts away wrinkles

Many people mistakenly think that the ultrasonic knife is a "knife" that is used to tighten the skin. Maybe some people understand that the Hifu Ultrasound Machine is a machine, then you are really very smart.

There are two keys to skin tightening treatment with ultrasonic scalpel: depth and temperature. It breaks through the previous limitations and is the first instrument that can treat SMAS in a non-invasive way.

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