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Skin care wrinkle removal hot sale mesotherapy device

  • Guangdong, China

  • T&M

  • TM-682

  • CE

  • yes

  • 110V-220V

  • 45x44x29cm

  • 7 pecies

  • one year

  • Paypal, T/T, Western Union , and so on

  • DHL/ Fedex/ EMS

  • 3-7 days

  • face lift

  • wrinkle removel

  • Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Anti-wrinkle Machine, Facial Massager, Facial Tanner, RF, Skin Analyzer

Skin care wrinkle removal hot sale mesotherapy device

*new product for face lifting
*7 in 1 for face tightening

Product Description

Vacuum probe:

Main functions are: lymphatic drainage, lymphatic drainage, to dark yellow, whitening,

delicate rosy skin, deep penetration of nutrition, pores, improve rough skin aging;

Eyes care probe:

Main functions are: training and tightening the eye muscles, and enhance the flexibility of the eye muscles,

so that the end of eye pattern loss, tighten the eye Bags, relieve eye fatigue, so lighten dark circles. Regulation

of cell, increase blood circulation, promote skin Metabolism and lipolysis, the permeability of the skin to achieve.

Cooling probe

After the skin care products being injected into the skin, to avoid the nutrition releasing, can use the hammer

to freeze the skin, consolidate the nutrition in the skin well.

With the outside temperature alternating hot and cold, the essence and efficacy of the product in order to

maximize the rapid penetration of nutrients to reach the grass roots and dermis skin layer, decompose melanin,

while supplying large amounts of water and nutrients, improve the elasticity of collagen fibers with alternating

hot and cold temperature of the physical effect, to ice treatment water, the depth lock water, ice treatment

allergy, remove redness, enhance immunity, ice treatment catalysis, high absorption, ice treatment oil, tight skin.

Nutrition injection probe

Directly on the skin, under the action of the shock, the lipid double layer of delicate shock hole is formed

(Due to electric shock resulting hole). While the hole is formed in the shock, so that the former can not be

absorbed by the new water of fineChild is able to penetrate and enter the fine interior, shock hole once

formed, in accordance with the length of the shock, in a few seconds to a few Minutes remain open.

By orientation, layer oriented, ration, directly inject many kinds of nutrition intodeepseated cells, assist to

melody the muscale, lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, comparing it with

the single skin care products, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times, so get the best beauty

effect at one-step.

RF probe

After the nutrition being injected into the skin, to make it better absorption, then use the ultrasonic heads to

activate it, prevent the circumstance pollution, renew the skin pathological changes, so get the better treatment.

Major role in the molecular substances to be dispersed, while facilitating the penetration into the skin and internal

properties of the same charge repel each other, therefore, the positive electrode by applying a positive current

nutritional elements, nutritional elements can be pushed into the skin, this time, the neutral molecules penetrate into

the skin and the internal one.

Face lifting probe

Face Lift Rod: instantly eliminate fatigue staying up pouch; smooth wrinkles, crow's feet; firming sagging

cheeks instantly eliminate double chin, big bags, baby fat

Conductive probe:

When you use the eyes care probe and the face lifting probe,you need to combine conductive rod to form

a negative level.

needle free mesotherapy machine more information show:

essence electric osmosis
cooling firming handle
rf for face lifting
skin rejuvenation,tender


The absorption ratio to the high-effect active substance is higher over 2000 times than the traditional

skin care products. During injecting the skin care products, only the proper products can match with

the electric charge production of No-needle Mesotherapy equipment, then accurately form the loop

microcurrent on the treated part ,to control the original liquid by layer-oriented and orientation, correctly

act on the targeted cells. All active substance is developed by California research biology center. As the

result, the effect of special active substance combination with the No-needle Mesotherapy equipment is

higher than single substance effect summation.

Taboos :

1 Pregnant women or women during in menses.

2 Epileptic

3 Patients with malignancy.

4 Patient whose wound after operation has not healed up.

5 Acute inflammation or epidemical patients.

6 Whom with heart diseases or with heart pacemaker..

7 Whom with kidney (gall-stone ) disease.

8 Who was embedded metal object or silica gel.

9 Who in menses, birth control period,emiction incontinence period, or accepting the belly operation.

10 Whose body always take much inner hot.

11 Who has the genetic hypersensitivity

Discription for the Mesotherapy machine:

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