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The principle of Hifu ultrasound machine

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It uses high-intensity Hifu Ultrasound Machine . The temperature under the skin can reach 65°C-70°C. It heats deep tissues in a way that does not damage the skin surface. Depending on the location of the diagnosis and treatment, the ultrasound is focused on a single point to produce high Energy acts on the dermis and fascia layer of the skin to stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen. One treatment can effectively lift the eye tail and apple muscles, tighten the contour, remove wrinkles and firm the skin. The diagnosis and treatment process only takes 45-60 minutes, no knife, no wound, no recovery period, and no impact on life.

Depth: The depth of diagnosis and treatment of epipolar sonic lift is 4.5mm. In addition to acting on the fibrous septum, it can also directly act on the deeper fascia layer (SMAS), which is exactly the surgical pulling. It is an important lifting key that will be diagnosed and treated during skin time. For non-surgical diagnosis and treatment, only epiline sonic lift can diagnose and treat this level to achieve the effect of surgical lift.

Hifu Ultrasound Machine  therapy system (HIFU commonly known as ultrasonic knife) is a kind of hyperthermia that can make internal ultrasonic knife\ntumor tissue coagulative necrosis from outside the body. It concentrates the ultrasonic energy at one point by focusing, so that the temperature of the tissue at the focus point rises suddenly (65°C-100°C), and destroys the tumor tissue through high temperature, which can achieve the purpose of killing tumor cells, while the surrounding normal tissues are not affected. influences.

Although it is called a scalpel, the ultrasonic scalpel is not a real scalpel. The ultrasonic scalpel uses the principle of ultrasonic thermal energy focusing to bypass the epidermis through the clustered heat transfer method of the lattice. Without cutting the epidermis, the ultrasonic scalpel The beauty probe emits a matrix molecular energy wave that vibrates up to 6-12 million times per second and penetrates into the subcutaneous cell to damage the subcutaneous cells. The energy is directly applied to the deep fascia at a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, and a radio frequency electric field is formed in the fascia layer. The focusing surface strongly impacts the dermal tissue and produces an electric field concentration effect on the dermal tissue, which raises the subcutaneous temperature to about 60-75°C to determine the effective thermal damage effect of heat on the dermal fiber layer. At the same time, a large number of oral ultrasound knives are matched with ACMETEA nutrition, ACMETEA The dual repair factors Seromet and Chitooligosaccharides are the natural protective barriers for ultrasonic scalpel surgery, and also trigger the body to initiate the function of repairing regenerative cells and repairing fascia, which has a better lifting, wrinkle removal and firming effect.

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