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What are the side effects of Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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1. Redness and blistering-This is mainly due to the unskilled operation technique of the chief surgeon, which causes the Hifu Ultrasound Machine probe to stay in the local position of the skin for too long. The local high temperature causes the skin to be red and blistering. You can apply anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling afterwards. An ice pack can be used to relieve pain. So here is a reminder that you must go to a regular medical institution to make an ultrasonic scalpel. This is not the case if the doctor is skilled and accurate.

2. Dryness, dullness, and speckles-this mainly destroys the stratum corneum of the skin during the operation. The stratum corneum has multiple identities in the human skin. It is not only a natural barrier for the human body, but also has immune function, and it also has The water-locking function of the skin, so once the stratum corneum is destroyed, the skin's water-locking ability will be greatly reduced, plus the local high temperature of the hifu ultrasound machine causes the skin moisture to be evaporated, so the skin will be dry.
3. Collapse, unevenness, and cortical necrosis-this is mainly due to insufficient collagen content in the body, when the hifu ultrasound machine is used, the dermal layer is washed away by ultrasonic energy, and the skin is the epidermal layer, the dermal layer, and the subcutaneous layer from the outside to the inside. Fat tissue, collagen fiber layer and elastic fiber layer of the dermis layer are mainly used to support the skin and maintain the elasticity of the skin. If the skin of the dermis layer is damaged, the skin will lose its elasticity and firmness, resulting in sagging of subcutaneous fat, Muscles lose their elasticity. Therefore, taking nano-collagen before surgery is the key to ultrasonic blade surgery. It can supplement the nutrition of dermal collagen and the strength and toughness of collagen fiber layer, so as to effectively withstand the impact of ultrasonic energy and effectively reduce side effects.

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