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What is Hifu ultrasound machine

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The Hifu ultrasound machine  uses the principle of sound waves to form thermal energy by focusing to stimulate the regeneration of its own collagen.

That is, UTIMS Ultrasonic Skin Lifting, using focused ultrasound knife high-intensity ultrasound treatment equipment, non-invasively restore skin elasticity and improve wrinkles, a new concept tightening technique. The ultrasonic heat is directly transmitted to the lower part of the subcutaneous fat layer (smas layer) to induce deep collagen regeneration.

The effect of Hifu ultrasound machine :

1. Quickly remove wrinkles:

Forehead lines, fine lines around the eyes, crow's feet nasolabial folds, perioral lines, lip lines, neck, hands, various wrinkles up and down the whole body.

2. Firming and shaping:

Solve the problems of sagging face, obvious chin mass, blurred jaw curve and drooping eye corners all at once.

3. Physical sculpture:

For postpartum skin relaxation, butterfly sleeves, loose back, loose waist and abdomen, and other body contour problems can be quickly and completely resolved.

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