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beauty machine diode laser hair removal machine in Guangzhou

  • Laser

  • Nd: Yag Laser

  • Yes

  • Portable

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • T&M

  • TM-J116

  • Acne Treatment, Anti-Hair Removal, Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Wrinkle Remover, Hair Removal,Blood Vessels Removal

  • 33*35*53(cm)

  • 1-6HZ

  • 500W

  • Q-Switched ND YAG laser

  • 14KG

  • laser tattoo removal machine

  • tingmay

  • 0-1000MJ

  • 2-5mm adjustable

Beauty Machine diode laser hair removal machine

in Guangzhou

1.Elight hair removal
2.RF thermacool skin rejuvenation
3.CE certificate

Application Range:

1. Remove the black &blue pigment on eyebrow, eye line and lip line. Scour off tattoo, freckle,

lentigines, old aged marks, vascular expansion and type of blood vessel lesions etc.
2. No harm to the follicles and normal skin, leaving no scar, only to lustrate pigment.
3. To lustrate melanin not being eliminated by medicament and other means.
4. Be in no need of anesthesia and quick recovery. No negative influence.

Product Features:

1. Improve the efficiency and make the best solutions for no burning on the hand-piece at all.
2. Long lifetime for Xenon Lamp which is with the imported US technology.
3. More stability with the hand-piece structure inside improved.
4. Add the infrared Guide light to aim the target tissue correctly.
5. Portable design and easy operation can do the touring treatment; lower cost and wider usage

can make quick return of investment.

Photos for the machine:

Working Principle :

Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it to reach the deep layer of dermis. The pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode sharply, burst into the tiny pieces, thus diminish the color density and get rid of it.
So the appliance can effectively do away with mutant pigmentations and vascular tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. This is called Selective heat absorption‘ principle in medical field.

Before & after treatment by laser
1. Preparation before treatment by:
No inflammation in the treatment part.
No treatment for pregnant woman.
Fomentation on the treatment part avoid skin dehydration.
No cosmetic left ,clean the treatment part.

Taking photo before treatment, compare the effect after operation.

2. Skin appearance after treatment:

1. Reddish swelling on treatment part on the moment, it will disappear shortly.
2. To some special customers need to be higher, when you make the Volt too high, there

comes the scab, but it will drop off naturally after 7 days, not to scratch it, skin becomes

normally about 2 days. Taking some Vitamins can lighten the pigment circumfluence.

Usually there is a feeling of scorching or slight LASER 12 bleeding, it is normal and no scar.
3.When the scabs fade away, the treatment part shows pink, 2-3 weeks later it appears coffee

color, and 1-2 months later recover.

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