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hair analysis software/skin and hair analysis

  • Skin Analyzer

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • tingmay

  • tm-ht101

  • portable

  • 110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz

  • touch screen

  • skin hair analyzer

  • one year

hair analysis software/skin and hair analysis

1. Hair analysis machine
2. Factory supply
3.Touch degital screen

main detection analysis module:

1.Hair loss levels of sign;

2. The hair follicle density calculation;

3. The hair follicle disease

4. Sebaceous glands metabolism;

5. Sebaceous glands;

6. Allergic scalp;

7. Scalp toxins;

8. Hair damaged

9. Case library display

10, after treatment picture contrast before and after.


1. built-in host integral design and installation ,touch screen operation, need not connected to the touch screen operation is easy and intuitive voice prompt without learning, which is open, ultralight desing easy to carry.

2. appearance design USES specially developed for mould, high-grade beautiful, make your product image more elegant. Product appearance and user interface and voice prompt any modification.

3. can change the parameters beased on the using condition testing results , let the customer manipulated more firmly believe product effect.

4. the instrument equipped with professional line and cosmetic line two working pattern, all the beauty industry are applicabl5. response low carbon energy saving 25W ultra-low power consumption, 24 hours onl 0 on 4 yuan, save the cost.

Powerful software system, firstly according to system prompt sign out the level of hair loss, it is concluded that patients need to complement hair quantity, in a range mark vellus, the hair root number, the system will automatically calculate the density of hair, at the same time, the system has a hair diameter detection function, according to hair diameter and density, can guide the doctor take much range of scalp, can be arbitrary Angle analysis observation, illustrated comprehensive report will all test results in digital form, can be a very clear understanding of detection analysis results real condition, the system can also according to the detected results automatic matching corresponding products, very favorable melhado, nurtures the hair, shampoo company promotion product brand, at the same time can also set in the background of new product promotion.

lthe system has powerful member management function, newly increased , save, edit, delete the customer material, member's birthday reminder, save member history, etc.

lcan carry out the data backup and restore, avoid computer crashed loss material.

lcan through the background editor, to replace enterprise own LOGO, input products and so on.

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