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high quality vacuum breast enlargement / vacuum butt lifting machine/vacuum therapy cupping machine

  • Breast Massager

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-505B

  • butt breast lifting machine

  • 110V/220V 50/60Hz

  • 120W

  • 26cups

  • nipple strech,vibration

  • Portable and mini for salon , home use

  • breast enlargment,lymphatic drainage

  • YES

  • by T/T ,Western Union ,Money Gram etc

  • 1 year

high quality vacuum breast enlargement / vacuum butt lifting machine/vacuum therapy cupping machine

  • 26 cups
  • nipple sucking
  • breast enlarge
  • breast massager
  • breast vibration
  • lymphatic drainage
  • chinese cupping
  • black head removal

Introduction of Machine
Specially designed vacuum pump can enlarge breasts, without the pains and health

risks arising from surgical.
It is not a pushed-up or filled breast plumping bra or silicone implant.
It can make your breasts beautiful and natural by the physiological cycle of females.

Principle of Machine
1.Vaccum: Local capillary congestion, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability, improve

the body's resistance.
2.Far infrared:Produced by thermal stimulation, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and tissue nutrition,
conductive to the absorption of nutrients.
3. Blood circulation: Can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters,
combined with deep tissue massage to make blood flow, dredge breast acini, oxygen

and nutrient delivery to the breast,
and strengthen the connective tissue of the breast, stimulate breast growth and

development.Promote uterine contractions, tightening the skin elastic fibers and

prevent skin tissue loose, decentralized.
4. High-frequency massage: Promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism,

enhance the body cell viability.

Functions of Machine
Physical therapy,stimulating pituitary to excrete hormone,exerciing elasticity of

muscletissue and fabric function,making breast elastic and smooth,Breast enlarging

breast lifting ,sunken mammilla rectifying,effect is quick and steady.
1. The vacuum pump can absorb fat particle and liquid, and then make them enter

breast tissue and cells, leave breast more developed.
2. Expulse toxin and purify lymphatic system, refine skin pore, re-build skin, improve

micro-circulation,enhance collagen elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist Wrinkle, activate

skin, remove eye bag and double jaw,eliminate wrinkle and telangiectasis, and treat

3. Stimulate pituitary to product hormone, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber,

resume breast elasticity and softness,lift and develop breast, improve breast shape,

leave improve suck nipple, stabilize treatment effect.
4. Expedite fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, slim up body,
eliminate excessive fat on belly, improve leg shape, firm up skin, it can applied for scrub, point percussion therapy,
lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulites, improve buttocks to realize perfect body control.

Suitable for :
♥Vibration massage:Accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph
♥ Breast care: Enlarge breast, lift breast, modify nipple,recover breast elasticity.

♥ Face care:suck blackhead, reduce dark eye-socket, remove eye pouch.

♥ Back care:Vacuum metabolism, skin-scratch treatment, acupressure therapy, lymph detoxin.
♥ Obesity cure:Lose weight, draw inabdomen, thin waist.

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