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vaginal tightening wand vagina tightening hifu machine

  • ultrasound
  • Guangdong, China
  • TM-FU2.1S
  • Tingmay
  • CE
  • Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
  • hifu vaginal rejuvenation beauty machine
  • portable
  • 15 inches touch screen
  • 2 heads(3.0mm,4.5mm) 10000shots each
  • max 200W
  • 2J max
  • vaginal tightening
  • 12kg

hifu vaginal tightening machine


vaginal tightening handle with 3.0mm,4.5mm two cartridges

eacg cartridges 10000 shots

The Vagina Tightening HIFU System uses an noninvasive ultrasonic focusing technique to focus on the mucous membrane fibrous layer and muscle layer directly. Using ultrasonic waves as the energy source and taking advantage of its penetration and focus, the system will send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the the lamina and muscle fiber layer in a predetermined depth. A higher intensity of ultrasonic region, called focus region, is formed. In 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can reach to above 65 ℃ , so the collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside the focal region is undamaged. Therefore, the desired depth layer can obtain the ideal effect of collagen concentration, reorganization and regeneration. Ultimately, the mysterious effect of vagina tightening is achieved.

1. Vagina tightening head(1.5mm available)

  • 4.5mm heads produce the energy directly to the SMAS , make it thermal coagulation , make the SMAS tighten and lifting, improved the muscle structure from deep to shallow, make better to help the muscle layer restore elasticity and tighten.
  • 3.0mm head the ultrasound penetrates to the skin under the depth of 3.0mm, aim at activating the dermal layers collagen, effectively enhance the effect of the consolidation of the outline, but also shrink large pores and reduce the appearances wrinkles.


1. The system uses the latest advanced technology called HIFU, short for high intensity focused ultrasound.

2. The equipment has two kinds working heads for different operational effect:

- 3.0mm,4.5 mm is for Vagina Tightening

3. The HIFU system is totally non-invasive and safe.

4. It has precise depth adjustment system.


model number TM-FU2.1S
product name: hifu for vagibal tightening
working mode vaginal treatment/face treatment
power 200W
voltage 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
energy 2.0J max
vaginal cartridges 3.0mm,4.5mm
shots/cartridges 10000 shots


15 inches touch screen
G.W 12kg
machine size 48*38*25cm

machine pictures:

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