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2018 ipl elight rf nd yag laser laser mutifunctial machine TM-E129

  • Laser, IPL

  • Nd: Yag Laser

  • Yes

  • Stationary

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-E129

  • Acne Treatment, Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Dark Circles, Face Lift, Hair Removal, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Pore Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Tattoo Removal, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover, high power elight

  • Yes

  • elight ipl rf nd yag laser

  • AC 220V(110V)/15A

  • 50Hz/60Hz

  • 10MHz

  • 532nm/1064nm/(1320nm)

  • 58*58*126cm

  • 106kg

  • 800W

IPL RF laser hair removal machine elight nd yag laser

Portable q switched nd yag laser machine

1.Working theory

(1) nd yag laser tattoo removal it use of high-energy laser shot smashed

the lesions in the pigment. The photo-induced burst principle: given the use

of high-energy laser instantaneous, so that the irradiated energy is absorbed

by pigment particles after the expansion of rupture, a split into more small

particles removed from the body, part of the body excreted through the

lymphatic system to remove the pigment. As the normal tissue of the 1064nm

laser is not absorbed,

thereby maintaining the integrity of the cell framework, the conditions must

not form a scar. This is the way any other can not be compared. Because

eliminate the color laser does not destroy normal tissue. Therefore, the safety

of the greatest hand to ensure customers will not be troubled by complications.

(2) IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a kind of light with high energy and broad

wavelength, within the range from 530nm to 1200nm. Photothermic and

photochemical action will be triggered by the radiation of IPL. On one hand,

IPL will promote collagen reproducing and recombining which makes the

skin more flexible and smooth. On the other hand, the light with long

wavelength can easily pass through epidermis layer and will be absorbed

selectively in priority by pathological pigments which will be destroyed by

high heat, and get the effect of remove pigmentations, vascular lesions and

unwanted hair.

(3) RF Radio frequency system (RF frequency) balances hormones by

converting electric energy into bioelectricity which causes inner body heat

by molecular ion exchange. Inner body heat expands blood vessels,

creating better circulation through the lymph vessels, and active cells.
When the high frequency electric energy transmits, the molecules of the

tissue generate the bio-energy by rotation, twisting and collision while

moving according to the direction of the electric current.Compared to other

frequency currents that don't stimulate sensory nerve, the high frequency

current heats particular parts within body without feeling unpleasant or

muscle contraction.

2. Functions

(1)Hair Removal: Effective removal of unwanted hair in different parts of the body,

such as armpit hair, beard, lips, hair, bikini lines, body

(2)Freckle: remove or dilute the face all kinds of stains, such as freckles, Japan

sunburn, age spots, coffee spots and all kinds of pigmentation

(3)Rejuvenation: White remove yellow, shrink pores and improve skin roughness,

increased skin elasticity, smooth fine lines, acne scars elimination

(4)Red blood: eliminate facial redness, redness, rosacea

(5) Wrinkle Neck upgrade: upgrading the neck skin, dilute the neck wrinkles;

(6)General tightening wrinkle: contraction of hand, arm, leg, shoulder, waist,

hips and other relaxation of the skin

(7) remove dark tattoo, eyeliner, lip line, remove tattoos, eliminate the blue mole

(8)Acne: acne type acne, allergic acne, acne scar type

(9)Anti-aging facial beauty: the face to enhance, tighten skin, improve skin,

shrink pores, etc.


(1)Elight/ipl handle

(2)ND yag laser handle


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