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Radial Shockwave Therapy Machine

The effects of Radial Shockwave Therapy Machine occur across several levels:

1. Cell Level Change - shockwave stimulus affects the chemical environment of tissues at a cellular level. This causes changes to free radicals which boost the release of the substances that help to prevent pain and inflammation.

2. Blood Flow Change - Normal blood flow is critical to the healing process, and shockwaves

create a revascularization effect. This type of stimulus redirects new blood flow into the affected area which improves soft tissue healing and regeneration.

3. Muscle Tone Reduction - Shockwave treatment reduces the contractile activity of muscle and can also break patterns of neurocognitivepain that are associated with chronic conditions.

This effectively decreases muscle tone and spasm, and has specific benefits with eliminating

trigger points.

4. Pain Reduction - Shockwave pulses directly affect the nerve fibres that transmit pain signals to our brain. Through the Gate Control Mechanism, shockwaves impact the interneurons in the A-β fibers which prevent the communication of pain.

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