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Beauty shop equipment

The first condition and premise for the beauty shop equipment to serve customers is to have the beauty shop equipment, such as beauty beds, work chairs, sprayers, beauty instruments, etc. the small beauty salons must be equipped with the following basic equipment and instruments to ensure the normal operation of the beauty salon.

 Face sprayer and discharge lamp

Facial sprayer is one of the indispensable equipment in beauty shops. A sprayer usually needs to work for several hours. Therefore, the loss can not be avoided. In order not to affect the normal operation of the beauty shop and customer service, the beauty shop owner should purchase reliable quality instruments. In this regard, the flower shop should not be overemphasized.When choosing a magnifying lamp, the production quality and color are very important. No matter where it is installed, it must be firm. Otherwise, it is likely to hit a part of the customer's body, which is very bad.

Multifunctional beauty instrument

A multi-purpose beauty instrument can save money, and a fork can save a lot of space. It is the first choice of the owners of beauty shops. Multi functional beauty instrument is the first choice of small beauty salon owners. It can not only save money, but also save space. According to the overall design of the beauty salon, choose a multi-purpose beauty instrument, and place it properly with related instruments. The multi-functional instrument is frequently used, and the damage probability of parts is relatively increased. Therefore, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the instrument.

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