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3 in 1 Spa RF Body Shaper Equipment Portable 40k Cavitation Weight Loss Slimming Machine

  • Guangdong, China

  • TM-666

  • Vacuum Cavitation System

  • Tingmay

  • CE

  • Weight Loss

  • Portable 40k Cavitation machine

  • 110V/220V

  • 50W

  • 40Khz

  • 1-10Mhz

  • Tripolar

  • 60J/cm3(max)

  • 7KG

  • 42*38*24CM

  • Face Lift, fat removal,Wrinkle Remover,


3 in 1 Spa RF Body Shaper Equipment Portable 40k Cavitation Weight Loss Slimming Machine

Product Description

  • 40k Cavitation weight loss
  • Tripolar rf for body
  • Tripolar rf for body
  • Factory manufacturer
  • CE approval

Working Principle

40Khz Cavitation

Through the strong shock waves hit fat layer, speed vibration of deep stubborn fat, inside and outside the fat cells produce countless vacuum gas point, strong impact of fat cells, within fat cells bursting into free fatty acids.


1, full or partial weight reduction

2, increasing the rate of body metabolism, accelerate elimination of waste and moisture in the body

3, repair, pregnancy

4, relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain

5, tighten the arms, legs, thighs, hips, back, abdominal muscles, reshape body

6, effectively improve the hips and legs orange peel-like skin, and also resolve after childbirth or after liposuction and abdominal relaxation problems.

Tripolar rf

rf for face rf for body

High-frequency current. When radio waves at the time of the skin, the dermal collagen fiber heated to 45 ° c-65 ° c, immediate contraction of collagen fibers, relax wrinkles the skin pulled tight, while stimulating the gradual proliferation of dermal collagen protein, dermal layer recovery firm and elastic, so as to achieve the purpose of tight skin, wrinkle removal.


1.Skin tightening, skin elasticity strengthening, improvement of the enlarged pores, skin rejuvenation

2.Stimulates the collagen and promotes the skin’s metabolism

Technology Parameter

RF frequency 1-10MHz
RF energy density Max 60J/cm3
focused blast frequency FAT 35KHz-45KHz
power 50W
power supply AC230V ± 10%,50Hz ± 1Hz/AC110V ± 10%,60Hz ± 1Hz
weight 8KG
CTN dimension 42*38*24CM

Detailed Images

touch screen


Company Information

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