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Appareil cosmetique skin exfoliates reduction machine

  • Microdermabrasion Machine

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • tingmay

  • tm-n15

  • Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Revitalizer

  • 110/120-220/240V

  • <=36V

  • 3.3A

  • <=120W

  • 0.03-0.5MHZ

  • 14L/min

  • ABS plastic

  • wrinkle removal,age spot removal,skin moisture,etc

  • 5-10 times 80%-100%

  • one year

Appareil cosmetique skin exfoliates reduction machine
1.diamond peel machine
2.dermabrasion machine
3.factory supply

working principle

Diamond dermabrasion instrument is the use of patented diamond miniature tube, top inlaid with different degrees of thickness of fine diamond particles, by rubbing back and forth the way, and with vacuum suction control suction strength will wear off the shallow layer of the epidermis, is a kind of Non-invasive, physical, shallow dermabrasion. This kind of purely physical and mechanical principles, as opposed to acid skin by way of removing horny substances have the advantage of mild non-irritating to the skin, suitable for very sensitive skin. Through the suction pipe size from miniature to control the depth of granularity, less irritating, you do so is not easy to take care of the wound problems are not easy to have pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and the operation will not have crystal particles flying, residual Problem, the whole process is very clean, very safe.


1. Conditioning skin and rebuild healthy skin;

2. to improve the accumulation of aging skin, rough and aging skin;

3. To improve the skin appearance of fine lines and relaxation;

4. Dilute the superficial stain;

5. To improve large pores, pock

6. To stimulate blood circulation and metabolism of the new array

7. no irritation, no irritation, do not need anesthesia;

8. Applicable to all kinds of skin, and also can do sensitive skin

9. the physical mechanical dermabrasion, we can control, no side effects, safe and reliable

10. You can see the effect immediately

11. Rapid recovery, a period of about 5-7 days

12. After nursing ,it won’t effect the work andsocial work.

Treatment effect

1. Cavity effect 5-10 times 80%-100%

2. Effect of pores 90%

3. Closed of acne 2 effects 100%

4. Seborrheic dermatitis effect of 100% 3-5 times

5. Rough skin effect 100% 1-2

6. Fiber lumps effect of 100% 2-3 times

7. Nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, as thecase effect of 80%-100%

8. Raised age spots, as the case 80% -100%effectiveness

Product service and repair

1. This machine from the date of purchase (with a note) host one year warranty, one year free repair quality problems, such problems after one year will receive maintenance costs. Parts warranty for six months, the quality problem within six months, free repair, maintenance costs after six months to receive parts. Other warranty period has expired, he may be responsible for maintenance, spare parts and consumables costs charged fees.

2. causes the following use of personal failure, does not provide free warranty service.

1) The unauthorized entry, modification caused the failure of the product;

2) Use accidentally blows, falls caused by the fault;

3) Lack of reasonable maintenance caused the failure;

4) Do not at the correct guidance of instructions caused by the fault.

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