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Breast Pump Breast Enhancement Enlargement Machine 2014with Factory Price

  • Guangdong, China, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • TM-505, TM-505

  • Vacuum Cavitation System, Breast Massager

  • Tingmay

  • CE

  • Breast Enhancers

  • 50-60Hz

  • 110-220V

  • 50W

  • CE

  • vacuum

  • 1 year


Breast Pump Breast Enhancement Enlargement Machine

1.factory supply
2.breast massager
3.CE certificate



1. Plump Firm and aggrandize breast
2. Suck drooping nipple, massage breast
3. Promote blood circulation, rectify breast figure
4. Mammilla sunk, lift and shape buttocks.

Main functions:

1.Breast enlarge

2.Breast skin rejuvenation

3.Skin scraping

This breast cup is different from other breast cup, it is with quantum photon

which have the function of skin rejuvenation

1.The position of breast

-- The breast is located in the chest. The galactophore is attached to the ectopectoralis fascia on both sides. It ranges from the second rib and the sixth rib starting from the chest bone to gland before armpit until the middle armpit gland.

2.The shape of breast

-- The shape and size of breast differ from person to person and vary with age or pregnancy. Generally young girls who are not fully developed or women who haven't milked their babies will have solid and springy breasts (it is composed mainly of galactophore tissue with little fatty tissue) to have a shape of hemisphere or cone.

3. Major structure of breasts

1) Exterior the exterior surface skin of the breasts, mammary areola and nipples (called sponge combining together)

A.Skin tissueprotect the exterior part of the breast with the same function as skin in

other parts of the body;

B.mammary areolaprotect the exterior surface skin of the milk pipe;

C.Nipplesthe distributing center of milk;

2) Interiorthe major structure of the interior part of breasts: fat, connective tissue,

glandular cell, galactophore, breast and blood vessel nerve;

*.Fata major index to decide the size of breasts;

*.Connective tissue the source to maintain the elasticity of the breasts;

*.Glandular cellit has a function of secreting milk and carrying nutrition. By blood circulation,

it can bring the nutrition completely into the interior of the breasts. If the blood circulation

is not so good, the breast will shrink due to lack of nutrition.

*.Galactophore and milk pipe it works for the milk secretion period with the function of secreting and transmitting milk.

*.Blood vessel nervepipe to transmit blood.

Pictures for the Breast machine:

Before and after:

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