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Hot sale EMS electro muscle stimulator,pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage&infrared for fat burning&electrostimulation

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  • Cellulite Reduction, Dark Circles, Exfoliators, Weight Loss, infrared slimming machine

  • Infrared, infrared

  • Guangdong, China

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  • TM-b32

  • Infrared Pressotherapy

  • AC110V/220v

  • 50Hz/60Hz

  • electro stimulator,infrares heating,air pressotherapy

  • Dotex,lymphatic drainge,slimming master

  • white

  • 350W

  • 23KG

  • Pressotherapy lymph drainage machine

Hot sale EMS electro muscle stimulator,pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage∈frared for fat burning⪙ectrostimulation

2.Electro stimulation
3.Infrared heating slimming
4.Air pressotherapy


Far infraredray detoxification:

Melt grease
Disappear fat
Shrinkage fat

Lymphatic drainage
Diminish inflammation, analgesic, promote tissue regeneration, soften the scar

Air pressure slimming thin body
With airbag, using pressure and the way tofat forsports. Beautician using circular, massage, slewing, traction, and
other basic technique plus special instrument help, accelerate lymph circulation and excretion, keep it unblocked,

in order to help them remove waste. Air wave type is used downy natural air massage, won't cause any damage
and bad feelings, meanwhile, air pressure unilateral pressure is equivalent to50kg weight, inthe role of abdominal
30 minutes equivalent of 150sit-ups exercise.

Electro stimultor:

1.Losing weight, slimming the body.

2.Enhancing breasts without enlarge breasts and physical therapy.

3.Computerized body and breast faradic stimulation.

4.Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, hump of bison and arms:

stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise.

5.Tone up the muscles and micro muscles which support the derma.

6.Firm slack muscles and muscle mass.

1,Principle and Effects

This aircraft is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined

with functions of far-infrared fat dissolving,air-pressure lymphatic drainage,as

well as low-frequency stimulation.Operate far-infrared heating after massage

(by beautician),then start the lymphatic drainage operations,and at lastuse

low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and comprehensive

effects of lymph massage,fat losing and size reducing.

1) Far Infrared

Asthe bodywarms,inadditiontosweating,the bloodthinsandthespeedat


down.The effectisto raisethetemperatureattheextremitiesofthe bodyto

thesametemperatureatthecoreofthe body– atemperatureatwhichbody


2) Pressotherapy

The pressotherapy,withasetofcloth-likeaccessoryand10piecesofairbags,

which allows for pressure by cycles or all-together for boththe whole body

and certain partsofthe body, isa compression system designedto increase


It is highly recommended for the treatment of cellulite, which is a safe

alternative to liposuction. It relieves pain and swelling, and provides

immediatecomfort. It redefinesthe legs,stomach and armswhile enhancing skintone.

3) EMS

By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, EMS




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