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Lymphatic drainage massage machine

  • Other

  • Cellulite Reduction, Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, lymphatic drainage massage

  • pressotherapy

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-4049B

  • lymphatic drainage massage

  • AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz

  • 750w

  • 3A

  • 5 parts,for arm,leg,body

  • pressotherapy slimming

  • 43*40*100cm

  • 24kg

Professional Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage machines
1.Digital control system
2.Loss weight
3.Lymphatic drainage massage
4.Body slimming suit,air pressotherapy


1. Detoxify;

2. Body shapes;Tone body muscles;

3. Body slimming;

4. Physical treatment for lymphatic;

5. Relaxation;

6. Cellulites reducing

Auto-control program:

1-slimming 1

2-slimming 2


After choose the program, then press START/PAUSE button (2).The airbag will work one by one under the program setting and the indicator will be on when working.The direction of air pressure is form down to up.

Manual program:

4-for manual usage: after press4. you can choose and press any airbag, which you want it to act.For example, you only want to use the waist airbag, please press waist button in the control panel,the airbag will be ready to act. After choosing the airbag, then press START/PAUSE button(2).The airbag will worked one by one under your order and the indicator will be on when working.

4.During using, you can set the intensity through(9) to select L,M and S.

L: large

M: medium

S: small

5. Press the STAR/PAUSE button(2) to start and hold the program.


1. Fat: select 1 program, standard term is 60 minutes and choose the “L” for the intensity.

2. Mediun fat body: select 1 or 2 program ,standard term is 30-45 minutes and choose the “L or M” for the intensity.

3. A little fat body:Medium fat body : select 2 program ,standard term is 30-45 minutes and choose the “M or S” for the intensity.

4. Keep weight: select manual program and choose 5 airbags which the customer want to keep shape, and standard term is 20-30 minutes

5. Lymphatic: select 3 program , standard term is 20-35 minutes.





Packing dimensions:43*40*100cm




1. Client has to take off all jewelry before treatment.

2. Client with metal inside his/her body and pregnant women are not recommended to use this machine.

tum off and unplug machine after one day's usage .Just use dry clothe to wipe the machine

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