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Oxygen water jet machine for beauty facial

  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-H200

  • Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

  • CE

  • Water jet machine

  • 110V/220V

  • 50/60Hz

  • less than 750W

  • 1 year

  • stable and safe

  • Lymphatic drainage, beauty facial

  • Guangzhou,China

  • DHL/UPS/Fedex etc

  • T/T, West Union, Money Gram, etc

Product Overviews

♥ Lymphatic drainage

♥ Oxygen spray

♥ Oxygen jet peel

♥ Oxygen injection

♥ BTO cell activation

Advantages: 1. Excellent effect on skin treatment

2.Factory price

3. Reliable technology support

4. Promised delivery time after paid


Working Principle

Use of hyperbaric oxygen, push the sterile saline (saline) and oxygen access air

compressors simultaneously, transfer water drops of the particle type into small
molecular (5-200vm microns), tiny water- drops would spray (jet spray), with
200m/sec (seconds) speed (supersonic) sprayed by a specially designed nozzle,
inject water and oxygen into the deep skin speedy. Exfoliating and do needle-free
nutritional delivery treatment painless, noninvasively.

The impact generated by hyperbaric oxygen and saline, physical exfoliating
procedure suit for any skin, it can stimulate the cells regeneration function,
stimulating blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism of skin cells and collagen


1.Oxygen spray treatment: use the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage on the skin in order to treat all kinds of prurituses, sensitive skin, neurotic dermatits, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, the sunlight symptom, etc..

2.Lymph drainage treatment: Make the lymphatic and the blood circulation smooth and dispel the impurity and the toxin via the suction.

3.Oxygen injection treatment: inject the pure oxygen and the special prescribed beauty product into the bottom of the epidermis via the no needle pressure oxygen injection. Which is to strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote its metabolism. So that it can treat and improve the problems that caused by the oxygen shortage, such as dark and light skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentattion and the conventional skin problems.

4.Oxygen inhalation treatment: wear the facial mask and inhale the pure oxygen together with the fragrance-impregnated essence via the function of the chemical plating.

A: Respiratory system----rhinitis, faucitis, catchcold,etc.;

B: Neural system----neurasthenic, insomnia, migraine, etc.;

C: Blood----leucopenia;

D:Digestive system----coprostasis, the disorder of the gastrointestinal unction;

E:Metabolism and incretion----diabetes, meno-syndrome, menstrual disorder, cramp, micro-circulation improvement, wound-concrescence promotion, metabolism acceleration, immunity strengthen, incretion adjust;

F:Skin---- all kind of skin problems: increase the cell activity, suspend the cadulity, improve the blood circulation and metabolism, tighten the skin, dispel the wrinkles, meliorate the fleck, whiten the skin, meliorate the whelk, balance the grease incretion and improve the sensitive skin.

(2)Have a rest 15 minutes after the oxygen inhalation, which is more suitable for those who have the weak lung.

5.BIO pull skin wrinkle-dispelling:

professional dealing with skin the wrinkle question.

Suitable Crowd

Biochemical oxygen injection nursing is specially suitable for the smoking women in the city and those adult women who has the skin of gloom, sensitive, wrinkles, fleck and whelk, which can increase the cell activity, improve the blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism and meliorate the sensitive skin. You will feel that the skin is extremely relax and healthy after the oxygen injection, which meanwhile can whiten the skin.

Experimental Demonstration

The intense high-pressure oxygen and the active elements had been chosen to be the experimental objects by the skin researcher.

Technical Features

1. Non-invasive physical scrub rejuvenation technology
2. No need to configure the dangerous oxygen bottles, it can also achieve the 6-8Kg pressure
3. Unique design of the sprayer with strong pressure
4. With air compressed fluid recycle and refrigeration plant.
5. Equipped with pulse oxygen spray technique.

Detailed Images

On test:

On working for facial :


Answers for you

Q1. Are you a manufacturing factory?

Reply:Yes,we are .

Q2: How about the package?
Reply: Wooden case/ Carton/ Aluminum case (standard export packing with fully
polyfoam or pearl wool) are available.
Q3: Do you have any timely technology supports?
Reply: Professional technology supporting team will help you to solve the after sales problem.

Also any questions you can contact us by telephone, viber, whatsapp, online chat (skype, mail) .
Q4: What’s the payment method?
Reply: T/T, WESTERN UNION, Money Gram ,Paypal and etc.
Q5: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?
Reply: We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your

money back in time.



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