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Principle of Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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Hifu Ultrasound Machine is ultrasonic high-energy focused ultrasound is traditionally used in medical treatment and belongs to "non-invasive" treatment. The energy source is ultrasound. Similar to the principle that solar energy focuses sunlight to produce huge energy at the focus, this technology focuses low-energy ultrasound in vitro on the SMAS layer in the body, and produces biological effects such as instantaneous high temperature (above 70°C), cavitation, mechanical action, etc. in the SMAS, reaching the fascia Ascending, the dermal layer will produce a lot of collagen during this stimulation process, which will enrich the skin and make the skin full. The principle of the hifu ultrasound machine is actually a process of first repairing and then repairing, so in order to avoid the damage after the ultrasonic knife , Three months after the ultrasonic scalpel, by taking 90 days of oral cortex repairing agent in Xinjiyin, quickly penetrate into the dermal layer to heal the wound, prevent cell proliferation and mutation at the wound, prevent scars, super repair damaged cell tissue, long-term use can be Provides a gentle environment for skin cells to achieve the most complete repair effect, which can effectively avoid facial redness, dry skin, pigmentation, unevenness, subcutaneous nerves, permanent skin collapse, stiffness, and short effective time after ultrasonic knife , Hyperplasia and other symptoms.

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