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Q8 slimming system with cavitation / tripolar rf

  • Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Vacuum Cavitation System,RF

  • 1-10MHz

  • Max 60J/cm3

  • 50W

  • 41*33*20cm

  • face tightening& body slimming

  • weight loss

  • NO

  • cavitation rf

  • slimming machine

Q8 slimming system with cavitation / tripolar rf

1. factory manufature
2. CE certificate
3. high quality

The device profile:

Using "void" principle, 40kHZ strong sound wave frequency emission from strong vibration,

blast effect in the adipose tissue, fat natural blast because the subject does not mean inside and

outside of the cell membrane, effectively break down stubborn fat and explode deep fat, reducing

fat cell size and number of fat cells. Strong sound wave heating effect of strengthening the flow

ofliquid between the fat cells and tissues, will blast fat acids, waste and toxins from the lymph system

is eliminated from the body, to reduce fat, thin body, skin tightening, enhance muscle elasticity effects.

Terms of use:

1, before using this instrument, first clean the skin and apply the appropriate skin care products,

to ensure equipment normal work;

2, before using this instrument, please who wear metal jewellery removed so as not to weaken

the role of ion pulse;

3, sensitive skin after using this food will appear slightly swollen, is normal, and will soon be


4, with a strong acoustic features, it is recommended that no more than 2 times a week.

Product service and repair:

the machine since the date of purchase (with notes) hosts one year warranty, free repair quality

problem occurs within a year, if there is a problem after a year to charge a maintenance fee.

Threemonth parts warranty, quality problems within three months, free repair, charging parts

maintenance fees after six months. Others have passed warranty period, can also be responsible

for the maintenance, collection of spare parts and consumables costs.

Photos for the machine:


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