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Skin rejuvenation oxy skin hiperbaric machine

  • Oxygen Jet

  • CE

  • Guangdong, China

  • T&M

  • TM-H200

  • Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Remover

  • 98%

  • -90KPa~0KPa

  • facial care,acne treatment

  • 1year

  • 370W

  • Skin Rejuvenaton

  • Bio-oxygen Plus

  • Lymph Drainage

  • Oxygen Inhalation

  • Oxygen Mask


Skin rejuvenation oxy skin hiperbaric machine
1.oxygen spayer
2.skin oxygen
3.soft-photon working head
4.OEM/ODM and CE

Skin rejuvenation oxy skin hiperbaric machine
1.wrinkle removal

2.oxygen facial machine

3.bio oxygen skin care machine

4.Oxygen Injection Therapy

5. skin oxygen


  • inject oxygen
  • spurt oxygen
  • inhale oxygen
  • photon skin activation
  • BIO crinkles elimination
  • Lymph smooth


  • Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deep cleaning, and improve the flexibility and tone of skin.
  • Scar removal; Remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
  • Wrinkle removal; Remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
  • Acne removal; Remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar.
  • Restrain the inflammation.

Working handle pieces:

1. Toxin expelling handle,the powerful suction will improve the circulation of lymph and help expel the toxin of body.

2. Two oxygen injection handles, they inject oxygen to the deep layer of skin by the pressure of 0.04MPa. They can removewrinkles, pigment and cure other skin problems caused by lack of oxygen.

3. One oxygen spurting handle, it gives pure oxygen and active nutrients to the skin with the form of fog by special nozzle. It can whiten and tender skin etc.

4. Soft photon handle, it supplies energy to the skin to repair themselves and accelerate the metabolism .This is effective for rough skin and skin with wrinkles and acne.

Red lightto speed up the healing of cells, help maintain the luminous and elasticity texture of skin. Blue light-to inhibit the secretion of sebum and kill bacteria.Especially for susceptible skin and skin with acne.

5. BIO wrinkles elimination rods. The micro-current stimulates the skin to tighten and improve the elasticity of skin.

Show the Oxygen machine for skin rejuvenation

Lymph Drainage: Use the Vacuum Pen to do lymph drainage with following the lymph way.

(About 15 minutes)

Oxygen spray: Use Mist Sprayer to spray oxygen on the face to make skins accommodate with the pure oxygen status, to strengthen cells of face rejuvenate and metabolism.(About 10 minutes)

Oxygen infusion: Spread the extracts completely, adopt the O2 Infusion Jet with pressure and follow the face skins textures to massage, lift and remove wrinkles. (About 30 minutes)

Accessaries of BIO , mask, oxygen infusion,oxygen spray



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