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The Role Of Hifu Ultrasound Machine

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1. Instantly smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture

Hifu Ultrasound Machine uses high-intensity ultrasound to convert heat energy to stimulate the SMAS fascia layer to produce an immediate contraction reaction, so that the skin immediately shrinks and tightens, wrinkles are instantly smoothed, and the skin becomes smooth, delicate and elastic.

2. Lift sagging skin and reshape young contours

The effect of the Hifu Ultrasound Machine is not limited to its wrinkle removal and skin beautification. It also has a very good lifting effect. The originally loose skin has become visibly taut, and the double chin has also been well improved, which has helped to thin the face. The effect of the facial contour can be reshaped.

3. Comprehensive fine treatment, lifting the skin layer by layer

Ultrasonic scalpel has three different treatment probes, and their depth of penetration into the skin is different. According to different skin types and skin problems, choose one of them or use a combination of multiple treatment probes for multi-level comprehensive treatment. After any small wrinkle, the skin is lifted layer by layer from the inside out.

4. The skin gets better gradually

Maintain a long-lasting firmness. After finishing the ultrasonic scalpel, you can see that the skin texture is obviously better, the wrinkles are gone, and more importantly, the skin condition will get better and better in the next few months, and it will reach a very high level in about half a year. Excellent status, this effect can be maintained for 2 to 3 years.

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