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Tingmay salon equipment ems weight loss muscle stimulation devices

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  • Anti-Puffiness, Face Lift, Lightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Revitalizer, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss

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  • Guangdong, China

  • Tingmay

  • TM-502B

  • with 3-7 days after payment

  • one year

  • 110V-240V

  • OEM and ODM

  • available

  • 100-500Hz

  • salon ,spa

  • weight loss muscle stimulation devices

  • 10 pairs of ems pads

  • 9kg

Tingmay salon equipment ems weight loss muscle stimulation devices


Weight losing, body shaping, breasts shaping and Lymphocinesia boosting

1. Weight losing: stimulating the muscle nerves by using electric current
will enable them to generate expanding and retracting actions in
rhythms that appear when you are running fast or jogging, so as to
obtain the effect of fast weight0losing.

2. Body shaping: expand and retract the muscles that can only be

exercised in such drastic sporting actions as running, rope skipping and
sit-ups. (Tightening the loose muscles)

3. Breasts shaping(firmness): by simulating the chest spreading
movement, you can strengthen the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor
and costoscapularis, and stimulate the capillary vessels and subnucleus
within the epidermis and hypodermis tissue to generate hydration and
provide the nutrition and oxygen demanded in furrowed area, so as to
enable the loose and droopy breasts to recover their firmness.

4. Lymphocinesia boosting: by means of strengthening the Lymphocinesia,
you can guide and stir up the fluids within the artery, vena and lymph
vessel to boost the flowrate and thus obtain more oxygen and
nutrition for cell metabolizing, at the same time, the waste and toxins
between cells and water content can be smoothly discharged out.

Weight losing Operating Instructions

1. Plug in and press down the power switch to ON position.
2. Press SELECT key to select one of the weight-losing programs from
P1-P4, or press AUTO key.
3. Press down SPEED key to select for weight-losing wave.
4. Set the timer (working time)
5. Plug in the electrodes and position the electrodes at the fat position
with the two electrodes positioned symmetrically and 5 cm apart from
each other, then secure them with a tie belt (caution: Don’t place them at
the heart area).
6. Press PAUSE/STRAT key to start losing weight.
7. Adjust the output strength to a degree you can withstand.


The Machine Show

The electric muscle stimulator machine for package:

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