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vacuum big butt breast lifting beauty salon machine for sale

  • Breast Massager
  • Guangdong, China
  • Tingmay
  • TM-505B
  • butt breast lifting machine
  • 110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • 180W
  • 26cups
  • nipple strech,vibration
  • 15kg
  • breast enlargment,lymphatic drainage
  • YES
  • ABS
  • 1 year

vacuum big butt breast lifting beauty salon machine for sale

  • 22 cups
  • nipple sucking
  • breast enlarge
  • breast massager
  • breast vibration
  • lymphatic drainage
  • chinese cupping
  • black head removal


1. Principle of rhythm physical suction

1. It employs bionic technology, lead estrogen to breast and make the breast to be action target,

in this way to make breast fat accumulate and enlarge the breasts.

2. The strong movement can give muscle a plentiful exercise, meanwhile stimulate the perspire

of estrogen, in this way to get a natural breast care.

3. The suction can give exercise to musculature and improve its elasticity, so that to lift breast

and make it firm. The suction and releasing movement can give stimulation to chest muscle

and mammary glands, finally stimulate the growth of breast.

4. The function can get through lymphatic, accelerate lymph circulation, which can get a good

effect to eliminate tumefaction, defend breast disease, balance incretion.

2. Principle of vibration

Micro wave vibration can give a continuous activation to base of mammary glands, make sport to undergrowth breast or saggy breast and make it re-grow.

3. Principle of infrared light

Infrared light to accelerate blood circulation, prevent and treat all kinds of mammary diseases.


1) Vacuum and Release
Breast will be stimulated a lot by regular movements of vacuum and release, to excrete estrogen actively by woman’s own body. And the surrounding fat will be gathered to enlarge the breast. Besides, lymphatic system will be improved effectively to get rid of toxin and make breast firm.

2) Vibration Massage
Regular vibration can actively exercise muscle, stimulate and accelerate circulation of blood

and lymph, making breast firm with energy.

3) Photon Therapy

Photon treatment can promote absorb of essence to breast, helping a lot to tender and smooth skin. Microcurrent treatment is a traditional and very effective

Suitable for :
♥Vibration massage:Accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph
♥ Breast care: Enlarge breast, lift breast, modify nipple,recover breast elasticity.

♥ Face care:suck blackhead, reduce dark eye-socket, remove eye pouch.

♥ Back care:Vacuum metabolism, skin-scratch treatment, acupressure therapy, lymph

♥ Obesity cure:Lose weight, draw inabdomen, thin waist.

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